North Sea Davit and Lifeboat Services has been established in 2008 by 4 of the world’s most leading manufacturers of life saving equipment. In 2012 the company succesfully merged with Davit Services Holland BV. The cooperative goal is to offer high quality services within reasonable distance to several of Europe’s main ports. 

In the shipping industry nowadays costs are excessive. Therefore inspections, repairs and/or maintenance should not cause any delay to ship owners. Service should be carefully planned during the short port stays of the ship. North Sea Davit and Lifeboat Services takes pride in its ability to fit their services to the port schedule of its customers. We strive to “onboard deliver” all required documents needed before the ship leaves.

Our workshop is fully equipped with necessary tools and equipment to carry out annual inspections or to perform mayor repairs. Our spare parts store is kept “up to date” with a wide variety of parts of different OEM. Together with our fleet of fully equipped service vans we are able to deliver most parts during the services.

Our specific loadtest equipment allows us to perform any kind of loadtest onboard ship’s or “on shore” facilities. All equipment is calibrated on regulary base and therefore ready for use. Our hydraulic test equipment is designed to perform “onload” hook tests in order to check the lifeboat hook systems. Furthermore the operational condition of the teleflex cables are checked and tested.