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Welcome to NSDLS

NSDLS is an approved service provider for an annual and 5 yearly davit, rescueboat and/or lifeboat inspection on board ships or offshore installations. Our services are compliant to SOLAS regulations including the latest IMO regulations such as MSC.402(96).

Our workshop is fully equipped with necessary tools and equipment to carry out annual inspections or to perform mayor repairs. Our spare parts store is kept “up to date” with a wide variety of parts of different OEM. Together with our fleet of fully equipped service vans we are able to deliver most parts during the services. We are your one-stop solution for any davit, rescueboat and/or lifeboat inspection.

What we do

NSDLS is your solution for:

Davit, rescueboat and lifeboat inspection

Life saving appliances

Annual and five year inspections of LSA incl. loadtests.

Marine lifting and transfer equipment

Recovery/stores/hose handling cranes. Gangways. Accomodation ladders, etc.

Load testing and lifting equipment

Lifeboat systems / Marine lifting equipment.

Firefighting and Personal Protection Equipment

Certified firefighting station for all your equipment onboard. 

Spare parts

Delivery of parts.

Our team

Our professional service team consists of highly trained engineers which are continuously educated on technical as well as regulatory levels. During surveys and inspections on board, the status of each individual equipment is reported. Each inspection will be followed up by a full service report (as per manufacturer specifications). Any repairs, replacements and/or recommendations will be fully described. Our main goal however is “direct and on board delivery of all required documents” as needed before sailing.

North Sea Davit and Lifeboat Services B.V. has been authorized by several of worlds most leading manufacturers of LSA equipment.

For inspections, maintenance/repairs and load tests of lifeboat/davit systems and all types of cranes we are your reliable partner.

Trusted Clients
Ships per year
OEM spareparts on stock

About us

North Sea Davit and Lifeboat Services has been established in 2008 by 4 of the world’s most leading manufacturers of life saving equipment. Their cooperative goal was to offer high quality service within reasonable distance to several of Europe’s main ports.

Why choose for NSDLS?

ISO 9001

By Lloyd's Register.

30+ Years of experience

Within the management and the service engineers.

Customer satisfaction

We do our best to satisfy our customers.

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